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Quay Pacific Property Management Emergency Procedures (After Regular Hours): after hours

If you have a building emergency after regular hours, please call 604-521-0876 which is a 24 hour emergency number, and you will receive instructions on how to contact the answering service operator.  Upon doing so, give brief details to the answering service operator.

Please note that emergencies include: fires, broken water pipes, stuck elevators, no hot water, stuck garage door and other emergency situations. Please note that we will take no action on any emergency unless we have first talked to the person placing the call.  Break and enter and/or vandalism to your automobile or suite should be reported to the police Department then to Quay Pacific Property Management.


Insurance in suite betterments & Improvements:

Many Condo homeowners spend thousands of $$$ dollars every year on in-suite renovations: replacing old carpets with hardwood or laminate flooring, new age granite counter-tops, and other modernizations.

Question: are these items covered under the Strata Corporations insurance policy?

The answer is NO!

All condo Owners are very highly recommended to get their own additional insurance to cover all in-suite renovations and improvements in the event of a claim.

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