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Client Seminar on Insurance Deductibles & Chargebacks

"Over 140 people consisting of Strata Council members, and Owners were present for this event!" We were thrilled to see such a great client attendance.

Quay Pacific Property Management Ltd. is proud to present the Quay Pacific Academy’s Client Seminar Series, which brings together distinguished professionals and trade specialists within the Property Management Industry to discuss and educate clients on current issues, trends, and challenges in the governance and operations of a strata corporation.


What is Happening with Insurance Renewals, Premiums & Deductibles
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Our first client seminar focused on topics related to insurance premiums, insurance deductibles, and chargebacks. The seminar was held at the Vancouver Golf Club on March 10, 2020 and Quay Pacific clients were invited to attend the event. We have received many positive feedback on how informative and helpful the seminar was.


Responsibility for Repairs & Claims Below the Deductible
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Thank you very much to all attendees, speakers, and panelists for helping make our first client seminar a great success!

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