Welcome to eStrataHub. We have two ways that allow eStrataHub customers to place their order. Customers can either pay by credit card through their Access Point Information Canada account or through their BC OnLine deposit account. Follow the 2-step process below to choose how you want to place your order.

Step 1: Choose how you would like to pay for your order

Step 2: Registering an account and placing an order

If you have any questions on how to use eStrataHub to request the documents, please call eStrataHub's help line at 1-877-953-8253 or Email to [email protected] and a representative will be able to assist you.


To purchase strata documents (Form B, Form F, etc.) by credit card you must have an APIC account. Registering an account only takes a few seconds at www.apicanada.com.

Once you have registered an APIC account, click on the eStrataHub link on the APIC homepage. After you have signed in you can proceed to place your order.


To purchase strata documents (Form B, Form F, etc.) through BC OnLine you must first set up an account at www.bconline.gov.bc.ca Setup can take 3 - 4 days.

Once you've logged in to BC OnLine choose "eStrataHub" from the main menu.

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