Financial Management Services | Consulting Plus Financial Management Services


We are pleased to be your partner within your choice of three service levels. Whether you require full management services, accounting support, or just some occasional help with a difficult issue, we’ll tailor a package to meet your needs.


Consulting Partner Services


Strata Councils with significant expertise and time to donate often choose to self-manage. Even expert, efficient and well-run self-managed Councils sometimes find themselves in need of professional-level expertise and experience to tackle a large capital project or bylaw issue. For those Strata Councils, we offer Consulting Partner Services.

You will partner with one of our expert, professional strata property managers. Your partner will be at your service for a reasonable hourly rate whether you need him/her for an hour per month or for the whole month. And unless we can add significant value to a significant project, our clock is not running. There’s no charge for a quick question about some part of the Act or a look at our Trusted Trades List.

In capital and repair projects, an expert partner brings experience and efficiencies. Our Trusted Trades and contractors gives each project the best shot at being on-time, on-budget and done right. Our customers often find the overall cost of a project to be less than if they’d managed the project themselves - even including our fee.


Accounting Plus Consulting Services


Finances are a major consideration for all corporations and affect all aspects for governance. It often seems that decisions are ultimately financial decisions. When making significant decisions, accurate and timely financial reporting is invaluable.

For our customers who require rock-solid accurate and timely financial accounting, as well as a knowledgeable agent to provide guidance, we offer Accounting Plus Consulting Services.

At the direction of the Strata Council, our full-service accounting department will receive and quickly process all monies in and out of the corporation while keeping a detailed accounting of each strata lot. An experienced Property Manager will help the Strata Council develop a proposed annual operating budget. All financial reporting, from cheque copies, to balance sheets or general ledgers are accurate, delivered on-time and formatted for easy understanding

Of course, our Consulting Partner Services as described above are also included. All our clients on an Accounting Consulting Service contract will agree, our Accounting Plus service is better than the “full service” agreement they had with previous companies.

  • Maintain bank accounts
  • Prepare annual operating budgets
  • Prepare monthly financial statements
  • Receive, record, and deposit strata fees
  • Receive, record, and deposit special levies
  • Receive, record, and deposit fines
  • Pay accounts payable
  • Provide for auditing as directed
  • Renew property appraisal and insurance
  • Maintain strata corporation files and records
  • Provide a report on the budget at the AGM
  • Provide documentation as required by realtors, owners and lawyers

What can Quay Pacific do for Strata Corporation

We’ll save you money

Our long history and experience have allowed us to develop a network of Service Providers. These strategic relationships create value to ensure that every strata corporation dollar, whether for banking expenses, repairs, or our own management fee, is well-spent.

Emergency Services

Property management is 24/7.  However, some of the most urgent situations occur in the evening or weekends. For that reason, we have a professionally-trained after-hours emergency response team available for any calls that come our way. They will determine if it is an emergency and based on the permission levels you provide, dispatch emergency response immediately or upon your assessment and subsequent authorization of the situation.

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