Leesa Letnick has been passionate about Real Estate Services since she could remember.  

She has extensive knowledge of Strata Corporations, Rental Properties and Investment Properties.  She has been investing in Real Estate for over a decade, and has continued to educate herself in revenue and commercial properties with the Diploma of Urban Land Economics from UBC's Sauder School of Business.  She also teaches part time in the Real Estate Department at Langara for Commercial Properties.  Leesa specializes in investment properties (rentals, multifamily residential and commercial properties), and conducting portfolio analyses to ensure your Real Estate portfolio is performing as well as it could.

Leesa can also assist an investor with different methods of structuring a deal, including syndications, assignments, flipping residential or commercial properties.

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Office: 604-521-0876 ext 222  
Cell: 778-988-2840

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Geoffrey Rosen is Quay Pacific’s Managing Broker, Chief Operations Officer and Strata Business Development Officer.

Geoffrey has a background in Conflict Resolution training from JI, BC, Bachelor of Arts degree from SFU, Certificate in Telecommunication management, and holds multiple licenses from UBC (Rental, Strata, Trading Services, and Managing Brokers).

Geoffrey is knowledgeable and well versed with the Strata Property Act, the Residential Tenancy Act, and new building development.

Within the past 11 years, he has managed numerous portfolios in Vancouver, BC primarily. 

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Jeff Sandison is our resident expert in Strata Corporation section 128 properties. Otherwise known as wind up properties.

Jeff has taken an interest in Wind-Up properties since he started in the industry and has been consulting on wind-up projects to ensure that the Strata Corporation Owners have someone working in their corner. Jeff brings together Realtor's, lawyers and facilitates the meetings to ensure the Owners and Council's that are going through a wind up are appropriately informed and guided through the process. He provides an exceptional value to Strata Corporations who are interested in looking into the potential of winding up all the way through to working with the Realtor selling the property to a developer, and the coming time for Owner's to arrange new accommodations for themselves when the time comes.

Wind-ups typically occur in older buildings, or buildings with increased density zoning potential, where a land developer may purchase all the Strata Lots in a Strata Corporation. In a wind up - Owners "may" receive an amount for their condo substantially above market value.

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Dan O'Hearn is the Founder and was the previous Owner Operator of Quay Pacific for almost 20 years.

Now that he has relinquished ownership of the company he spends time managing his own real estate portfolio and working with investors who see real estate as the ideal investment vehicle.

He is well versed in Residential and Commercial Investments.

Real Estate investing is the type of work that never stops; so to relax, Dan and his wife Jenny enjoy traveling to different regions of the world. There they experience the culture, enjoy the food and look at more Real Estate!

Email: [email protected]
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