Strata Management Services


At Quay Pacific we strive at all times to exceed our customers expectations in the quality of our services and in our level of customer care. If you have any questions about our full Strata management services please do not hesitate to contact us as we would be happy to answer any of your questions. To ensure a quicker turnaround time in having your free management proposal produced please see our request a quote information page, and kindly provide some general Strata details, it should only take a moment, thank-you.


Full Service Management


Perhaps the greatest service we can offer our Strata Council clients is the right to relax – the kind of relaxation that comes from knowing you’ve got a 24/7 partner with decades of experience managing every detail of your strata corporation.

With Full Service Management, you’re the CEO. All we require is your direction and you can consider it done. This is the service that most strata corporation are expecting to receive from a management company; but often don’t. In fact, our basic “Accounting / Consulting” package easily competes with our competitors’ full service contracts.

In order to provide a true full service management service agreement, we put our promises into action. There are many differences between our full service and our competition’s. The “Quay” difference is that our managers have one of the lowest units-to-manager ratios in the industry. This allows our managers time to review contractor’s invoices for accuracy or work competencies. Our managers are available for your calls and to visit the sites. We return phone calls and e-mails promptly. In short, we do what you expect a property manager to do.  However, doing it right, professionally and effectively takes time and talent.  For that reason our fees may be slightly higher than our competition. This additional cost often equates to only $4 - $7 per unit per month. For the cost of a sandwich, we can deliver to you the better management value and remove the stresses of being on Council.  Further, we provide you a money back, price satisfaction guarantee. See our service guarantee below.

We will take all actions necessary to cost-effectively and efficiently operate your corporation and your building. We will use your direction and a proactive approach to preserve and grow not only your investment, but your quality of life as well.

Full Service Management in a sentence: Enjoy your day and relax, your partner has got it covered.


What can Quay Pacific do for Strata Corporation

We would like an opportunity for a site visit to better understand your building, and concerns were.

As outlined in our recommendations above, here are some qualities and practices of Quay Pacific that should impart confidence that your priorities will be addressed.


We’ll save you money

Our long history and experience have allowed us to develop a network of Service Providers. These strategic relationships create value to ensure that every strata corporation dollar, whether for banking expenses, repairs, or our own management fee, is well-spent.

Our Trusted Trades contractors are made aware that doing good work is just the first criterion to staying on our list. They need to also deliver well-managed, on-time, and well-mannered service at their very best rates.


A focus on Customer Satisfaction

We believe that an open and honest dialogue between managers, Strata Council and Quay Pacific is important in delivering the service you need.  That is why we have three touch points every fiscal year:

  1. You can expect a phone call from us around the 3rd month to make sure that things are running smoothly between Council and Quay Pacific. We want to make sure that:
    • our financial statements are accurate and on-time
    • we have selected the right property manager for your needs
    • we are meeting or exceeding your expectations
  2. At mid-year, your Strata Manager will discuss the progress of your corporation’s goals based on the AGM. This is a collaborative conversation between Council and the Strata Manager. We believe open-and-honest is the best approach.
  3. Prior to your AGM and around the 9th fiscal month, you will receive a questionnaire in the mail. We ask that you take time to reflect on the year and rate your experience. This can be done confidentially or you can identify yourself.

Of course, we want to exceed your expectations. Our goal is an overall 90% client satisfaction rating. We believe these three touch points allows all of us the opportunity to evaluate and make necessary adjustments.


Emergency Services

Property management is 24/7.  However, some of the most urgent situations occur in the evening or weekends. For that reason, we have a professionally-trained after-hours emergency response team available for any calls that come our way. They will determine if it is an emergency and based on the permission levels you provide, dispatch emergency response immediately or upon your assessment and subsequent authorization of the situation.

As part of our Customer Satisfaction program, we follow up on all emergency calls the following day. We want to make sure everything was handled right.


We’ll be there

People buy a condominium for many and varied reasons. “Because I want to micro-manage landscapers, contractors and maintenance personnel and the property manager” is almost never among them!

Our job is complete only when your property is administered to standards on which we’ve mutually agreed. We’ll be there during our regularly scheduled Comprehensive Site Evaluations visits to ensure we’re on track for maintenance and repair issues. We’ll be there to meet contractors as required for estimating and checking on the progress of work. We’ll be there to ensure a quality job is 100% done before we sign a cheque. Council meetings, AGMs, SGMs – we’ll be there.

When a building is well managed Council members will find that they don’t need so many meetings to micro manage the property manager. As we become more effective, Council members need less involvement. In the words of Woody Allen, “80% percent of success is showing up.” Proactive and hands-on is the only way we know how to manage.


We have high standards

We consider our Strata Property Managers special people – for good reason. Our managers have over 12 years’ average experience. We hire excellent experienced managers or train managers to be their best. Our managers are responsive, knowledgeable professionals with solid industry knowledge, who are dedicated to service and care. Each member of our accounting staff is similarly dedicated to timeliness, completeness, and accuracy.

We also don’t fool ourselves to think that motivation and “trying harder” will produce a consistently high quality of service over the long term. Our internal mentoring and training program ensures our managers develop the required skills that didn’t come with their professional license. Our managers are also paid to attend training through associations such as PAMA, CHOA, GVREB, IREM.


A+ Customer Service

“Customer Service” is an easy term to use when a company is trying to make a good impression. At Quay Pacific, we’ve built our business based on customer satisfaction and a commitment to our clients. Here are some of the standards to which we hold ourselves:

  • Calls and emails are returned in one business day, so you don’t have to chase us down.
  • 24/7 emergency line with a live operator.
  • Smaller portfolios for our managers so they have time for priorities. Our managers average 600 units – one of the lowest in the industry.
  • Our 3/6/9 monthly Customer Satisfaction survey with a goal of 90% satisfaction.

We’re confident in our ability to provide professional, accurate and cost-effective management for your strata.


We work for YOU

Our decades of experience with a strata portfolio that includes town homes, low-rise and high-rise buildings has afforded us a wealth of knowledge and efficiencies that we try to apply to each day’s new situation. Whether we’re assisting the Council in drafting bylaw amendments and resolutions, tendering a large contract, or negotiating a diplomatic compromise on an intra-strata conflict, a successful manager’s job always begins with listening. Professionalism and a desire to provide consistently quality service are then our guides to a job well done.

Quay Pacific earns our fee by providing service to you. We do not receive additional commissions or fees from Janitorial, Restoration, or Insurance firms. We do not charge contractors to be on our preferred contractor list.

Our Maintenance Calendar allows us to track upcoming issues and recurring contracts. Comprehensive operating and financial statements are accurate and are provided monthly. They include copies of invoices and cancelled cheques. You’ll never see a financial report until it has been scrutinized for accuracy by both the Property Manager and accountant.

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