For the past 6 or more years, I have worked closely with Alona thru QPPM. She has been the Executive Assistant to Danny Samson, our Property Manager, as part of his valuable expert team. My position as Treasurer/Secretary, requires many letters of fines, warnings, and arrears to be composed, edited, emailed and mailed to owners in our strata. Alona also posts notices, and other important information on our strata website for owners. I have depended on her work as accurate, efficient and consistent.

Danny, our Manager for over 10 years, has moved to Langley as his main Office with Alona keeping all the office duties running expertly.

– Pat Marchant - Blue Mountain Terrace | Coquitlam BC

Very helpful staff members. Been a big help managing my rental property. As a brand new owner, I've never had to worry about my rental home rented out as they carefully selected a good tenant with a good credit record. Always quick to answer my inquiries especially Joanna who's been super kind and quick at replying. You know when the staff members care about their clients as they put all their heart and soul working there to make things work efficiently.

Update: It's been about 4 years since Quay Pacific has been managing my property. Always feel well taken care of as both Joanna and Naomi have been reliable so I always trust them for doing a good job!

– Iz Li - Rental Client

Since [David] became our strata manager, we have been very pleased and business has gone smoothly, Covid aside.

Your response has been timely and accurate and we appreciate your help with our meetings.

When we both work well together, we are more capable and effective for our owners.

Thanks again for all your help!

Doug Brougham - President, Outlook Strata Council | Langley BC

Dealing with strata business can age you fast, unless you have a good supportive Strata Agent to help with the anti-aging. Our current Strata Agent is David and he helped turn things around for us after inheriting a grey-hair-producing portfolio. We have been fortunate to work with David who is efficient, respectful, knowledgeable and communicative. We understand what to expect from each other and for several years we have worked well together to get things done and as a result stress is minimized, and who doesn’t want less stress?

- Council President, Lansdowne Square | Richmond BC

I think that David is the best one that we have ever had, I have been on Council for 6 years now and no doubt he is the best. I was on council for 11 years where we lived before and we never had anybody as good or as understanding as David, so he has my vote also on this project.
-Member at Large

My only experience with strata managers is another fellow and David. David wins for sure!! For all the reasons that have been stated already. Yes, give him a vote of confidence for that lovely cup of coffee!
-Member at Large

I think he has a thankless job. David seems unflappable, always calm. He carefully chooses his words carefully when he responds to our questions and listens, lets us talk, let us come up with a decision and will only weigh in when asked. He has lasted the longest of any manager, so we all must be doing something right!!
-Vice-President & Treasurer ​

I have always found [David] to be easy to work with and you take feedback graciously. It’s so nice to work with someone who is unflappable. You make it seem like water off a duck’s back when some of our owners get ornery and cranky in their comments and it helps me to keep perspective too … I also appreciate that we work as a team and you are able to be flexible and change things up when we ask, provide good advice when we need it and I sure hope you stay for as long as I’m on council.

- President, Walnut Ridge Yorkson 3 | Langley BC

A team is only successful with commitment and contributions of its members. Alona is an essential part of the Quay Pacific team’s success. Alona’s timely responses (& professionalism) to my requests are very much appreciated! It’s a pleasure to work with Alona!

- Council President, Burlington | Coquitlam BC

As the President and Treasurer of Strata Council for Elements, I am writing in regards to Quay Pacific’s Accountant, Mr. Paul Stewart. I’m extremely pleased with the current processes that are in place for Elements. I had some concerns in the past which focused on delayed reimbursement cheques for petty cash receipts. At the time it was taking months to receive a reimbursement cheque which was creating major problems for myself as Treasurer. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to meet with Paul in person. Once I outlined my concerns to Paul and we discussed the process in place Paul was very supportive and did not try to just appease me. Paul identified how he could improve the systems within his office but more importantly he outlined the steps I could take that would ensure there were no more unnecessary delays in receiving cheques. Mr. Stewart was extremely open and helpful when he worked out the new steps in the petty cash cheque procedures. Mr. Stewart also encouraged me to contact him personally if any new issues arise. Our working relationship with Quay Pacific is paramount in keeping within our budget and successfully running Elements. Paul has proved to be a valuable asset in this regard ensuing our financials are available in a timely manner.

Quay Pacific is very fortunate to have an accountant with Mr. Stewart's knowledge of accounting practices and procedures and his ability to engage with your clients in a professional and encouraging manner and I felt this needed to be acknowledged.

-Dale Ginther - President/Treasurer, Elements | Langley BC

This is a brief note, to express my appreciation for Alona Dubitskaya of Quay Pacific Property Management Ltd. (QPPM). I served as the Secretary and Privacy Officer on the Strata Council at Tiffany Shores from July 2017 to November 2020 and collaborated frequently with Alona through most of my term.

I was introduced to Alona in early 2018 when Tiffany Shores undertook an owner contact information audit, with the intention of creating an updated owner directory for the Strata’s use. Alona was part of a larger team at QPPM that did this. It was a challenging project, which involved the collection and transcription of handwritten data from over a hundred units, and I was very impressed by how detail-oriented and thorough she is. She contributed, in no small part, to the creation of an updated owner directory at Tiffany Shores.

Rob was very helpful, polite, efficient and very professional. Rob would always make sure on the same day, that he would reply to any of my emails or phone calls. He would always take the time to ensure I was satisfied with his response, and I certainly felt that my concerns were important to him.

The owner directory and the updated owners’ email list were very useful at Tiffany Shores when the complex launched its interior décor refurbishment project in 2018, and members of the Décor Committee used them to contact owners.

As the Secretary, I relied continually on Alona for several things: updates to the owner directory, updates to the owners’ spare keys list, updates to the owners’ email minutes mail-out list, the timely posting and email mail-out of the Strata Council minutes, the timely posting of updated Bylaws and Rules, and other Strata communications to owners.

I depended on her when the AGMs and SGMs came around too, to assemble the notice packages from sets of PDF drafts, after they had been approved by the President and the Strata Council. This is typically an intense time, with frequent updates to complex schedules and documents, and she always came through. She is unfailingly courteous, very responsive, and extremely professional. She is also a pro with spreadsheets and Adobe Acrobat.

I know that she is a part of Danny Samson’s team, and Danny in turn manages multiple strata complexes at QPPM, and that she has a diverse set of responsibilities. So, I think that this makes her professional qualities all the more notable.

- Tiffany Shores | New Westminster BC

To Whom it May Concern,

I was an owner of a condominium at The Brockton for the past fifteen years, I was very fortunate to have Rob Neyts as the Property Manager.

Rob was very helpful, polite, efficient and very professional. Rob would always make sure on the same day, that he would reply to any of my emails or phone calls. He would always take the time to ensure I was satisfied with his response, and I certainly felt that my concerns were important to him.

I strongly recommend that Rob should share his professional skills with other Property Managers at Quay Pacific Property Management Ltd.

-Suzanne LeTexier - Strata Owner | The Brockton

Hello, I personally would like to extend my gratitude to Joan Bird for helping us through the difficult times at our Strata consisting of 140 units. Joan’s professionalism is highly appreciated. Words cannot be expressed enough to show the respect & acknowledgement to Joan.

-Winnie - Strata Owner | Milano Strata Corporation

To whom it may concern

I am writing this letter to recommend Danny Samson as a property manager based upon my personal experiences with Danny and the company.  For the past 5 years, Danny Samson has efficiently, responsibly and economically managed our 54 unit Condo complex in the City of Burnaby.  At all times, Quay Pacific Property Management Ltd.'s staff (and in particular Danny Samson) have been knowledgeable, cooperative and very professional with the management services they provide to the ownership of our building.

The best indication of the level of service provided by Danny Samson and Quay Pacific Property Management Ltd. is the following:

  1. All questions and correspondence are answered by Danny in a timely manner;
  2. Danny is very punctual in attending all meetings required by the Strata;
  3. Danny does a great job giving Strata all options required to make decisions;
  4. Danny has an excellent working knowledge of the Strata Property Act;
  5. Danny at all times manages the property knowing that we operate on a budget and does his best to stay on track within the operating budget;
  6. And most importantly, Danny treats our building with the care as if it were his own;

As a building we have had numerous Property Management Company’s and Property Managers in the past.  I can say without any hesitation that Danny Samson and Quay Pacific Property Management Ltd. are hands down the best we have ever had.

- Steve Davis - Strata Council Vice President | Burnaby, B.C

As a service provider we have found the property management team at Quay Pacific Property Management to be organized, efficient, timely, and knowledgeable. This assists us in completing our service and maintenance to the expected high standards.

- Clare Gilbert - General Manager | Trades/Vendor

Our Strata recently retained Quay Pacific Property Management Ltd. for our three commercial buildings and we are more than satisfied. Adam Wanono and his team have shown top notch professionalism that results in timely results. Things were slipping a bit with our old property management company so there was a lot of work for Quay Pacific to accomplish day one. That wasn’t a problem for Quay Pacific, they managed to arrange for contractors within just a few days to power wash, clean, cleanout catch basins, deal with leaks as well as transition our financials and assume daily administrative matters without the slightest hiccup. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Quay Pacific to any other commercial strata.

-Mark Sherling - Strata Council Member | Port Coquitlam

Not only is the property I rented in Coquitlam beautiful but the service and staff have been amazing! All staff have been friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, and quick to respond! So thankful to have found such a great management company!

- Nichole C. - Rental Tenant

I have had the pleasure of working with, and alongside, Danny of Quay Pacific Property Management Ltd. for the past 4 years as a contractor. Danny has provided me with numerous opportunities to demonstrate my skills and showcase my work on many different stages in dealing with his strata and rental portfolios.  Danny always ensures that my work, and those of my trade’s people, meets or exceeds standard practices.  His knowledge and expertise surpasses other property managers that I have worked with and I look forward to working with him on projects. Danny is prompt and precise in his requests and he follows up with all work that is required of him.  He has the knowledge and ability to take charge of any issue or emergency that may arise and he always handles himself with great professionalism and patience.  He continually demonstrates excellence and requests the same for those working with him.

Danny has all the qualities that I look for in a manager.  He always looks out for the best interests of those who depend on him and I would be more than happy to recommend his services to anyone seeking a property manager.

- Samuel Bani - Trades/Vendor

Since 2005, the Quay Pacific Property Management Ltd. has been looking after two properties of mine in the Burnaby, Coquitlam area. Being an absentee land-lord and living in Ontario, I needed a property management company, whom I can trust to carry out the businesses there on my behalf and to represent my interests there for an extended period of time. I was also looking for someone, who would communicate well with me.
I am very happy to state that I have found the above qualities, which I have been looking for, in Quay Pacific Property management Ltd. The recommendations, I have so far received from the Quay Pacific Property Management Ltd., were well researched and thought-through and I value their judgment. I am definitely a very happy customer of Quay Pacific Property Management Ltd. and am happy to write this recommendation.

- Dr. P. M. Mathew - Rental Owner

I would like to Adam and Rob for their management services on my property. I had lots of concerns about renting out my house near Coquitlam Center living outside of BC as rental properties in Vancouver can be a far reaching task with lots frustrations. Since I engaged with Quay Pacific Property Management you have actually solved my problems. Not only because you have quick response times on calls and emails but also your experiences and professional recommendations are well suited. I won't hesitate to recommend Quay Pacific Property Management is the one that property owners can depend on!

-Lance Lu - Rental Owner

I would like to say that we were very happy to deal with you. Your personality, professionalism, great attitude, accuracy and understanding people's needs made our rental search very pleasant, thorough and easy. The apartment we rented out with you also meets all our criterias. We are very grateful to you when you kindly negotiated the move in date which was more convenient for us, carefully inspected the apartment, showing to us the details we needed to pay attention to. And, also during our few meetings you were always on time ( even earlier),  well prepared and ready to answer all questions. Very professional and friendly to people. Thank you very much for your help, Adriana! I would be happy to recommend you as a great agent to all my friends!

-Tatyana - Rental Owner

Quay Pacific Property Management has been professional and efficient in obtaining tenants for our property in New Westminster. Thank you for your good service.

-Abeer Syal - Rental Owner | New Wesminster

Very good service! Especially James was good. He helped us to find good house. I’m satisfied with the service.

– Jihye Kim - Rental Owner | Surrey


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