What Do We Offer

"Dedicated To Customer Satisfaction" At Quay Pacific Property Management we specialize in Strata, Residential and Commercial Property Management Services in the Lower Mainland. We are a medium size Property Management Company that prides itself on customer service and attention to detail.

Strata Management Services

When it comes to protecting the value of your strata property, Quay Pacific Property Management Ltd. can help. We go beyond property management to provide the best in client-centered service, financial management, and financial reporting. Our personalized service and in-depth understanding of strata management ensures your property is expertly maintained.

  • We manage Strata Towers, wood frame Low-Rise buildings, Town Homes, and Mixed-Used residential and commercial strata’s;
  • Property manager will provide Council with guidance and assistance with the Strata Property Act and Depreciation Reports;
  • Our clients have the option to go green and receive minutes by email or view them online using the strata login feature;
  • Property Managers will acknowledge all owners correspondence on a timely basis and ensure all complaints are executed in compliance with the Strata property Act, building bylaws, rules and regulations;

Go GREEN: With Quay Pacific's online strata login to view meeting minutes, memos, and updates!

Self-Managed Strata Corporations

Just keeping up with all the compliance requirements and legislative changes to the Strata Property Act and deprecation reports can be quite a complicated and involved task. Not to mention, Strata Council members can also be held legally liable for not doing the many things that need to be done and, therefore, this is quite a responsibility to take on. If you are on a self-managed Strata Council and all of this seems a bit much for you and your fellow Council members, then let Quay Pacific help out. We offer two services for self-managed Strata’s that are thinking about making the change: Full management and Financial management services.

  • We know the Strata Property Act and its amendments;
  • Our property manager will enforce the bylaws, rules and regulations when needed;
  • The property manager will ensure that all insurance claims are processed properly and deal with the insurance agents directly;
  • Quay Pacific’s staff will directly deal with all realtors requesting forms and documents (Form B’s, F’s and building reports);

Residential Property Management Services (Rentals)

Your rental property should be providing you with a return on your investment, not causing you unnecessary stress and headaches. Quay Pacific Property Management Ltd. will take care of the daily, monthly, and yearly tasks both big and small to provide stress-free rental management services. Our proven track record and detailed understanding of the rental market lets you to maximize profits on your rental property without hassle or worry. We do not ask for a % of your monthly rent as we believe 1 all-inclusive flat monthly management fee with no hidden surcharges. All new rental clients do not pay for management until we find you a great tenant.

  • We manage Houses, Town homes, and Condos;
  • Quay Pacific will provide free website and internet advertisements, giving your property prime visibility to potential renters;
  • The property manager will conduct due diligence for all prospective renters by providing careful screening of tenants with credit checks, reference checks and employment requirements;
  • Rent is collected and distributed with our computerized accounting software [PAD and EFT's]. Tenants may also pay rent online by credit card or debit cards;

Commercial & Industrial Property Management Services

Quay Pacific’s management of commercial building operations is critical to our clients’ bottom-line success in real estate investments and ownership. By measuring performance, planning capital budgets, and overseeing tenant improvement renovation projects, we understand the dynamic needs of the industry.

  • We manage small Malls, Warehouses, and Mixed Used properties;
  • We find the right long term business and tenant(s) for your commercial/industrial properties;
  • Quay Pacific will provide free website and internet advertisements, giving your property prime visibility to potential tenants;
  • The property manager will ensure rent is charged at market rates and collected on the 1st of every month avoiding late payments, headaches and unpaid bills;
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