Real Estate Sales & Consulting Services

Quay Pacific offers the unique ability to offer full service Real Estate Services for our Clients. We say that with pride, and this is why:




Quay Pacific has been servicing home owners and investors with their Property Management (Strata and Rental), Investment Portfolios, and Real Estate Sales for years (and years) and we understand each property type, and the motivations surrounding each Home Owner's, potential Home Owner's, Groups of Home Owner's, and Investor's goals. We are here to help, and when we say "here" we service the lower mainland and have offices in Vancouver, New Westminster, and Langley.

Yes - we provide Realtor Services, but while we provide those, we provide so much more (as you will come to see).





More and more homeowners and investors are purchasing Strata Corporations for reasons such as added amenities, less maintenance concerns, security, concierge services, good value, density, accessibility, etc. We could go on and on - but you get the idea! This is a choice that is gaining popularity by many Owner's and investors in the lower mainland. In fact, in BC over 1,500,000 people are now living in Strata Housing (2019).

Before you get too excited about this - Strata Corporations are COMPLICATED. You want to ensure you purchase the right one for you. Navigating the Bylaws, identifying special levies, reviewing maintenance documents, reviewing the financial documents, identifying troubling correspondence that may be found in the Minutes is not always the easiest task. Not to toot our own horn - but Quay Pacific has been managing Strata Corporations, and are experts the ins and outs of Condos and Townhouses. Which will give you peace of mind when selling or purchasing a Strata Corporation.


Yes - we know about houses as well. Did we mention that we are a full service brokerage that prides ourselves on helping Owners with Real Estate? We know houses inside and out. We can work with you to learn your exact needs and criteria, and assist you in finding the house of your dreams, or investment dreams. There are a lot of questions that come up - which are important for whether or not you will be building, living in, renting out, or a combination of all of these things for the house.

Another benefit of working with a full service brokerage - Quay Pacific has relationships with contractors, builders, designers, stagers, insurance companies, roofers, plumbers, electricians, engineers, inspector's and mortgage brokers. If your intention is to rent all or part of your property - we have an awesome rental management team as well.



Quay Pacific will assist in brokering Commercial Real Estate transactions as well as we provide consultation services to conduct income and portfolio evaluation services. We provide services for development land properties, wind-up properties, multifamily revenue properties, office or retail properties (including Strata), and industrial properties.



Recognizing that every Real Estate property is an investment, we do investments exceptionally well. The Realtors and Consultants which are part of Quay Pacific evaluate every opportunity as though it is an investment, and will guide you through the process accordingly.

Considering those facts, there are some Real Estate transactions that are used particularly as active investments, whether as a rent and hold property, a building or renovation property for resale or re-finance, assignments of contracts (pre-sale or otherwise), multiple stream revenue property, syndicated ownership properties or development property we can help you build your portfolio to what you are looking for - taking into consideration the current market conditions.



We will put your needs above ours, work with your best interest in mind at all times

We will provide an accurate and honest comparative market analysis of your property, or if necessary refer you to an appraiser

We will provide you with exceptional service, as our involvement and knowledge in the Real Estate industry extends past "just" sales

We will provide you with honest feedback and ideas for expanding an investment portfolio

We will extend our network with contractors and real estate professionals to you

We will develop a full marketing plan for your property

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